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Southwest Nebraska is ripe with a multitude of opportunities just waiting for those who can see its great potential. There’s just something about wide, open spaces where you can easily build (or grow!) just about anything. Just ask the proud farm and ranch owners throughout the Cornhusker State – many have been thriving here for generations.

Investment Opportunities: It’s a great time to invest in Southwest Nebraska

The region’s fertile soil and rich farming heritage are the primary reasons why most people invest in Southwest Nebraska real estate. (There’s a good chance that the meat you bought at the grocery yesterday came from a ranch here.)

Still, while agriculture is the backbone of the economy, there are other investment opportunities available in this centrally located region as well.

Recreational Opportunities: Everybody needs a bit of recreation once in a while

Agrotourism is becoming a “thing” lately, and a good way to turn your investment in Southwest Nebraska into something both profitable and fun. Some owners of land have turned all or part of their properties into hunting opportunities.

Hunting is a huge draw to Southwest Nebraska. Pheasant and ducks are large in numbers in this area. Also available to hunt are whitetail deer, mule deer, turkey, dove and geese.

You can turn your Southwest Nebraska ranch into a family guest ranch that offers an array of fun activities such as hunting, fishing,horseback riding, hayrides, cattle sorting, and even target shooting. Other recreational farms in the region allow guests to help workers during the harvesting season. The enterprising owner can also add educational tours about the agricultural tradition in Southwest Nebraska.

Commercial Properties: Establish your own business

Are you a business-minded individual? Do you need to relocate your growing business or launch a new one? You will find an ever-growing number of options in commercial real estate in the region. Whether you need office or warehouse space or you’re looking for the right retail location, Colson Agency is here to help you make the most of the opportunities Southwest Nebraska has to offer.

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