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Lincoln County NE – Southwest Nebraska Real Estate

Lincoln County NE – Southwest Nebraska Real Estate

Lincoln County lies in Southwestern Nebraska. First known as Shorter County, it started out as an outpost to control Native American tensions in the area back in the 1860’s. The arrival of the Union Pacific Railroad not long after would change the face of the area. Choice acres of land sold at cheap prices made the county grow exponentially in size and more establishments from schools to stores mushroomed in the area.

Lincoln County NE Real Estate and Homes for Sale

Lincoln County is home to over 36,000 people and is the third largest county in the state.

Lincoln County Agricultural Land for Sale, Land for Sale in Nebraska and Nebraska Ranches for Sale

The way of life here remains rooted in farming and ranching. This is primarily because its rolling prairie fields are rich with fertile soil. Of the land in farms, almost 20 percent of it is harvested cropland and around 70 percent is irrigated. In Lincoln County, you can expect to find vast farms with an average size of around 1,600 acres. Such parcels of land are perfect for ranching, farming, and even hunting. Lincoln County Facts
  • The Buffalo Bill Ranch State Historical Park is only a short drive away from Lincoln. It is the erstwhile home of William Frederick “Buffalo Bill” Cody, one of the most enduring icons of the Wild West.
  • Lake Maloney State Recreation Area is one of Nebraska’s wild frontiers. Accessible by many routes, you can fish, camp, and swim in the area.
  • Nebraskaland Days is a popular festival every June in the county. Enjoy fairs and shows like the Buffalo Bill Rodeo. Enjoy other activities like bull riding, saddle riding, and other rodeo events.
  • Sutherland Reservoir State Recreation Area is a favorite local attraction. Visitors enjoy picnics, fishing, and camping by the lakeshore.

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