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Perkins County NE – Southwest Nebraska Real Estate

Perkins County NE – Southwest Nebraska Real Estate

Part of the third congressional district of Nebraska, Perkins County is located just north of Chase County and is right on the border with Colorado. Over 880 square miles in size, it is home to under 3,000residents, giving it a very low population density of just 3 people per square mile. Two major thoroughfares run through the county – Highway 61 (north-south) and Highway 23 (east-west).Rolling sandhills covered with prairie grasses and wheat fields that turn golden come harvest time will greet you if ever you decide to go on a road trip throughout the county. Like its neighbors – and most of the state – Perkins County’s economy is fuelled mainly by agriculture. Major crops are corn, wheat and soybeans. Its county seat is Grant.

Perkins County NE Real Estate and Homes for Sale

From residential, commercial, to agricultural real estate, Perkins County has plenty to offer prospective buyers like you. Typical home styles in the area include Cape Cod, Prairie School, Arts and Crafts, as well as Ranch. If you’re looking for something grander, a sprinkling of large Colonial Revival-style residencescan be found here.

Perkins County Agricultural Land for Sale, Land for Sale in Nebraska and Nebraska Ranches for Sale

As for agricultural properties, lands of different classes are available such as dry cropland (with or without irrigation potential) and tillable/nontillablegrassland. The average size of a farm in Perkins County is over 1,200 acres. Perkins County Facts
  • Perkins County was named after railroad magnate Charles E. Perkins, who used to be the president of the Chicago, Burlington, and Quincy Railroad. Towns located within the county’s boundaries include Grant (the county seat), Brandon, Venango, Elsie, Madrid, and Grainton. Perkins County is served by the Perkins County Schools district.
  • The county seat, Grant, was named in honor of President Ulysses S. Grant. The city is home to several historical buildings, with the whole Grant Commercial Historic District listed on the National Register of Historic Places.
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