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Red Willow County NE – Southwest Nebraska Real Estate

Red Willow County NE – Southwest Nebraska Real Estate

Red Willow County combines small-town charm with a deeply rooted farming and ranching heritage. Around 11,000 people live in the friendly neighborhoods of this warm and welcoming corner of Nebraska. The majority of business opportunities can be found in McCook City, the county seat, which is home to over two-thirds of the county’s population. The other communities that make up the county are Bartley, Lebanon, Marion, Danbury, Indianola, Perry and Shippee. Apart from farming and ranching, sales, management and health care are some of the most common industries and occupations in the county.

Red Willow County NE Real Estate and Homes for Sale

Red Willow is located right on the state border with Kansas, which means real estate here is convenient not only to the rest of Southwest Nebraska, but also to the Kansas counties of Decatur and Rawlins. The county has both urban and rural populations, unlike most of its neighbors, which are primarily rural.

Red Willow County Agricultural Land for Sale, Land for Sale in Nebraska and Nebraska Ranches for Sale

Like the rest of the region, Red Willow has a rich agricultural heritage and the average farm size is around 1,100 acres, with more than 30% of farm lands categorized as irrigated harvested cropland. Red Willow County Facts
  • The Red Willow Reservoir State Recreation Area is a favorite spot for outdoor lovers and hunting and fishing enthusiasts. It is a beautiful getaway spot for those who want to relax and unwind.
  • Historic McCook is home to establishments such as Sehnert’s Bakery &Bieroc Café, which help tell the story of the county’s past.
  • The Doyle Archeological Site has yielded important discoveries about the Woodland culture in Southwest Nebraska. It contains numerous artifacts that date back to as far as A.D. 50.
  • The Kiplinger Arena is a famous spot for events like rodeo and bull-riding shows, community club and school events. Gun shows and the county fair are also held here.

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